J.R. Charlot

A narrative writer twirling in non-fiction

Written by JR Charlot


You’re probably thinking it’s easy to write non-fiction. It’s just facts, based on reality, your life story or your professional experience, piece of cake. My friend MJ thinks non-fiction is boring and lacks creativity, to him non-fiction is:


Form sentences + add in facts + cross-check + a new perspective + an expert

= non-fiction.


If he only knew or could experience my world as a new professional non-fiction writer looking to get traditionally published with no contacts in the industry or any vast social media following.


It’s a challenge to take facts, historical events, personal experiences, your experts and mix with reality to produce a book that’s creatively engaging, relevant and offers a new perspective.


Some days I ask myself why I didn’t become a fiction writer. They have boundless creativity, not restraint by reality, But I have fallen in love with non-fiction now and it challenges me in some unexpected ways.


While most commercial non-fiction books (excluding educational school books) are written to accompany someone’s profession, business, or life story. I’ve chosen to be a professional non-fiction writer entering the industry, bringing a unique perspective in engaging conversational dialogues.


My world right now consists of long, sleepless nights. Crunching papers stuck to me as I wake, the stinging sensation of every blink, a sea of words starting at me. Coupled with daily anticipation of receiving an email or call from an agent/s.


Learning how to balance life and the pull to write is a rollercoaster ride, combined with my internal critic. I’m developing my personal formula for writing non-fiction will keep you updated. Read more about my journey thus far.