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Newbie to theWorld of Writers

31-03-2024 by JR Charlot

I joined the world of writers and let me tell you it was a shock to my system. I attended my first ever London Book fair in 2022. Upon entering, I immediately felt the history which I was excited about, however....Read more

 The 6 Principle Structures of Writing Non-fiction

31-03-2024 by JR Charlot

A conversation with my friend MJ

In my favourite coffee shop with the usual hustle and bustle, I met up with my good friend MJ and in our conversation; he said…. Read more...

My Rollercoaster Ride as a Non-fiction Writer

31-03-2024 by JR Charlot

You’re probably thinking it’s easy to write non-fiction. It’s just facts, based on reality, your life story or your professional experience, piece of cake. My friend MJ thinks non-fiction is... Read more